Since 90 years the name Wiedemeyer stands for first-class performance in all areas of logistics. On request, we take over the coordination and realization of your complete transport logistics, including factory and corporate relocations - at home and in foreign countries. All these activities require extensive know-how and many years of experience, which enables us to support you in your projects at very short notice.

Take advantage of our modern fleet, our generous storage facilities and in particular of our mission Reliability - Punctuality - Flexibility associated with competence, commitment and high service and customer orientation.


In the 90 years after our company was founded by Anton Wiedemeyer a lot has happened. We are happy to give you a brief chronological overview of the development of our company.

  • from 1933

    How everything started

    The year 1933 was characterized by the takeover of the Nazis lead by Adolf Hitler in the German Empire and connected with that the end of the Weimarer Republic.

    In these difficult times of change, Anton Wiedemeyer started with only one horse carriage. He transported coals and potatoes and did weddings and funerals. To do so he used his special-purpose vehicles, horse drawn wedding and funeral carriages. This is how he managed to bring his family through the times of the war.

  • from 1948

    The first truck

    A milestone in the development of our company was the purchase of the first truck in 1948. Six years later the last four horses went into retirement.

    Heinrich Wiedemeyer

    1950 Heinrich Wiedemeyer who joined our company in 1945 became managing director, until his decease in 1965.

  • from 1965

    The boom

    From 1965 on Helene Wiedemeyer was leading our company until 1969 when Bernd Wiedemeyer took over the leadership as managing director. At this time the company already held seven trucks. From this point on the company expanded rapidly.

    Since the middle of the 70’s the main activity of the company shifted to the area of special transports (flat bed trailer, extentable trailer).

    1973 Bernd and Sigrid Wiedemeyer met for the first time. Two years later, both got married. 1977 Matthias Wiedemeyer saw his first light of day.

  • from 1983

    50 years of Wiedemeyer

    In 1983, our family business already counted more than 25 employees, including 7 trainees. They conveyed - next to digging machines, cranes and construction pieces with overlength or overwidth - also whole escalators and prefabricated houses – of course deconstructed in pieces. Heavy duties up to 50 tons had been transported inland and in foreign countries. The 16 motor tractors with their semitrailers covered a distance of about 1 million kilometers (621.371 miles) a year.