We're here for you.

Competence and commitment. All employees at Wiedemeyer have a solid training and years of experience in all relevant areas of logistics. Regular trainings ensure and enhance the individual scope of work.


Our disposition is the central hub for our company. Here your orders are accepted, organized and allocated so that, for example, your goods delivery will be provided punctually and reliably to you or your customers.


The colleagues in the administration, which combines human resources management, bookkeeping, accounting and dunning, ensure the smooth running of all the secondary processes in our company.

Warehouses, garage, truck fleet

Our teams in the warehouses, in the garage and of our truck fleet really bring in new movement in our company - reliable and flexible.

Acquisition and Public Relations

Every day we inspire people in a variety of businesses and industries with the best possible and profitable logistics services.

And you too will share the enthusiasm of our over 750 existing customers through our 90-year-old specialty logistics company: Ask us your questions about our range of services and tell us about your current challenges – you will receive from us a flexible and competent solution tailored to your needs. Because our team is there for you – with passion, competence and many years of experience. Please get in touch with us.

Team members:

Bernd Wiedemeyer


Matthias Wiedemeyer

Managing Director

Sigrid Wiedemeyer

Registered manager | Head of Administration
Human resources | Payroll accounting | Financial management

Jürgen Geppert

Registered manager
Projects | Exports

Patrick Barenberg

Warehouse management | Fleet maintenance

Jan Niklas Bröker


Andreas Cappel


Diana Geppert

Financial audit

Philip Gerlach

Head of Commercial Management

Volker Giebeler


Patrick Greiner

Sales / Disposition

Tim Hanika

Projects | Exports

Sascha Kasper

Sales / Disposition

Elina Siebel


Ursel Sternberg


Jonas Struck

Financial audit | Accounting | Bookkeeping

Laura Wilke

Accounting | warehouse management

Christin Weustenfeld

Projects | Exports

Isabel Dietrich

Financial accounting | Warehouse management

Kirsten Wiedemeyer

Accounting | Personnel Accounting | Human Resources | General Administration

Gabi Winkelmann

Administration office